Cutting-Edge Technology and Industry Leading Platforms

Key Group Energies' integrated technology platforms combine advanced waste conversion, materials extraction and energy production systems. These systems perform highly precise thermal, chemical and/or mechanical processes via custom-designed or modified equipment.

Our technology leverages and optimizes proven techniques and components from diverse disciplines such as petroleum refining, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, marine engineering, cogeneration and even stock car racing.

Our platforms are anchored by, and segmented into, two core waste conversion processes:  Fast Pyrolysis and Biomass Gasification

Fast Pyrolosis

Our fast pyrolysis system uses a high-temperature, zero-oxygen chamber to thermo-chemically convert waste into more elemental components which then can be extracted and processed into valuable outputs such as crude oil and refined fuels, specialty chemicals, carbon materials (biochar, carbon black) and electricity.

Extreme heat inside the processing chamber causes the input waste to instantly decompose -- and mostly vaporize -- without burning, since there is no oxygen in the chamber. Because the waste doesn’t burn, the system produces no toxic smoke, the waste conversion process is more controllable and the energy content of the waste is preserved for maximum yield of output products.

Condensable hydrocarbon vapors extracted from the processing chamber are reformed into a type of crude oil which can be refined into various fuels (diesel, gasoline, marine fuels, kerosene) including via an optional integrated distillation system, or consumed on-site as fuel for large-scale power generators to produce electricity.

Excess heat and non-condensable hydrocarbon vapors from this process are contained, recovered and used to help supply the system’s energy needs, making the system largely self-sustaining.

Biomass Gassification

Our optimized gasification technology processes biomass to produce electricity, heat and biochar. This platform employs a controlled, low-oxygen combustion process to gasify the biomass in a chamber, and the resulting hydrocarbon gases are then used as fuel for an integrated power generator to produce electricity on-site.

The primary application for this platform is in the agricultural sector. As such, the biochar residue from the process can be used for soil enrichment (or sold for industrial purposes such as water filtration) and the excess heat can be retained and used for drying crops, heating barns or supplying process heat for food production (milk pasteurizing, vegetable blanching, etc.).
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