Key Group Energies 

Key Group Energies (KGE) technologies on empowering and revitalizing our communities for a cleaner and safer environment.

About US

As the founder and president of KEG and United Construction Group, and a master builder, Keith Eric Jacobsen is backed by three generations of knowledge. Keith’s passion of his work is one to be an innovator into research and technology. He has seen his family, who are from Norwegian descent, be innovators as builders.

“If we fund our universities for research and development,
 we can use our innovation to build it.”

Our Mission

KGE has worked for the past 10 years on the development of wind, solar and rare earth elements. Our engineers, partners and associates at KGE are currently working on energy related projects.
The focus at KGE is to work with energy communities for a long term commitment to clean energy solutions. As industry leaders and innovators, KGE is focused on stemming from the long term declines to a clean energy transition. Our work at KGE has been to develop ongoing research and methodology in the advance studies in the energy sector. Our engineers have developed extraction of rare earth elements, known as REE from coal.
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