Keith Jacobsen

Keith Jacobsen

Keith Jacobsen – President, Key Group Energies LLC and United Construction Group Inc.


Keith is the President of United Construction Group, and a master builder who is backed by the power of three generations of family knowledge. His grandfather Jacob O. Jacobsen was an immigrant to the United States during World War II. He and his son, Olav Jacobsen, built 70% of the homes in historic Scarsdale, NY, for clients such as the Bloomingdales, DuPont, and Rockefellers. Keith built his businesses based on the traditions of hard work and integrity that he learned from his father and grandfather.

From hand-framing homes, to manually erecting steel buildings, to managing large-scale projects, Keith has fostered his various construction and steel erecting companies to be some of the largest in the American Northeast. The growing scope of Keith’s businesses has gone beyond national recognition for his numerous building projects, and is now becoming more international and diversified.

The United Construction Group encompasses the entire scope of Keith’s business. Steel erecting and project management are still core operations, and subsidiaries handle projects outside of the main core.

ABM, Associated Building Management, has contracting and maintenance divisions to manage most of the core operations of construction and repair. Olaf Jacobsen Builders, named in honor of his grandfather, works on residential construction projects. NetZero Group provides technology and solar energy, as at the FDNY facility at the Brooklyn Navy Yards. Key Group Energies manages projects relating to traditional energy production, especially the company-owned coal and gas project outside of Pittsburgh.

Additionally, Keith has connections to various international commodities markets, especially protein products including poultry, beef, and pork. He is also affiliated with the international community of professional motorcycle racing. As a former pro rider, Keith was able to travel the world and build many lasting business relationships in the countries he visited.

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